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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are these services covered by OHIP?

Although some publicly funded routine shots such as tetanus boosters are covered by OHIP, travel medicine is not an insured service of OHIP. 


However, some extended health insurance plans do cover travel vaccines and medications. Check with your insurance company about how much coverage you may have through your policy. At the Ancaster Travel Clinic we do provide you with detailed receipts which you can submit to your extended insurance company.



How long before I travel do I need to get my shots?


We recommend booking an appointment 4-6 weeks* before your departure date. Depending on the location of your trip, the vaccine(s) you may require, or if you have a chronic disease, longer lead time may be necessary.

* minimum two weeks

Do children need the same vaccines as adults?


Children may need vaccinations in addition to their routine childhood immunizations. At the Ancaster Travel Medicine Clinic we will advise you if your child immunization is up to date and if he/she needs destination-specific immunization and medicines. Please bring your child’s immunization record with you.



I am just going back home to visits friends and relatives, do I still need vaccines and medicines for this trip?


Although you were born and may have lived in your home country for a long time, you will lose most of your natural immunity over time and you may no longer be immune to many diseases that are still common in your destination. Also, the immunization schedule and program may be different in your native country from what is available and recommended in Canada. Therefore, to prevent potential health risks, it is always a good idea to receive expert pre-travel advice.


What should I bring with me to my appointment?


Please bring any immunization records that you may have, as well as your current health card. It will also be helpful if you bring a list of any of medications you are on as well as any chronic illnesses.

How much will it cost to visit Ancaster Travel Medicine Clinic?


Prices vary depending your destination and itinerary which determine which vaccine(s) you may need – and choose to have. Please contact your extended insurance company to find out if you have any coverage for the services you will be provided in the clinic. 



How do services at Ancaster Travel Clinic differ from services at my family doctor?


Our goal at Ancaster Travel Clinic is to promote safe and healthy travel. We have staff dedicated to travel medicine including specially trained doctor and nurse specialists at the clinic. Our Travel Medicine Specialists administer and recommend vaccines and medications and specialty travel health products. We have up to date international health advice and medical services to those intending to travel abroad. Each traveller receives a comprehensive destination-specific consultation that covers everything from food and water precautions to mosquitoes bite prevention to prevent and protect you from deadly diseases like malaria and those which can ruin your trip like travellers diarrhea.  

If you have any further questions please contact us directly. 

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